I am so excited I made this investment in my kit. I worked with a gorgeous free spirited eloping bohemian bride yesterday that wanted her skin to look like her skin.  She wanted a foundation that gave her great coverage, long lasting, and still looked like her skin.  She didn't want her skin to be airbrushed to perfection. She said she wanted to look like a better version of herself.  Which is almost impossible because she's pretty close to perfect. I had just received my Face Atelier in the mail a couple days before.  Perfect timing.  The foundation covered perfectly but not to much.  It is silicone based so it stayed on all day.  I also ordered Face Atelier Ultra Matte Spray. I used this on the groom and could see his skin instantly looking more matte. I was so glad I had this on hand because the bride said he tends to get very oily.  

The crew that captured her images and helped style her wedding was incredible.  I cannot wait to see the images and I will be sharing them as soon as I can!!!
Face Atelier is a great product and is not just for pros anyone can use it. Great foundation for dry skin to normal skin. I purchased these products on my own I am not sponsored by them or anything. Just wanted to share my honest review. You can check out their products at https://www.faceatelier.com/ or http://camerareadycosmetics.com/.  You can even order samples to test before purchasing the full bottle.