A week before your wedding or special event, you do not want to use any harsh exfoliating products such as retinol, salicylic acid, or any facial scrubs to minimize redness, sensitivity, or peeling that may be present. I do highly recommend Sex Apeel from Sonia Rosseli, it is an incredible product that you can use the week of your wedding and even on your wedding day for immediate results. Brighter, softer, and smoother looking skin from head to toe. I am also obsessed with Water Balm from Sonia Rosseli. Amazing for dry, combo, oily, and sensitive skin. I've never used a product that went on SO perfectly under makeup before. Skin looks so hydrated and gives a beautiful glow. It can be used as a toner, serum, day cream, night cream, eye cream, and makeup primer. Both products enhance the beauty of the makeup even more. I absolutely cannot wait to retail this product to my clients. 

Don't get a wax within 2 days of your special event. The skin may be very fresh and smooth, with the possibility of redness or flakiness as well. Makeup also has a hard time sticking to freshly waxed skin, so 3 days to a week out is perfect!

I don't recommend using any new products that you're skin isn't used to, as it can confuse your skin and potentially cause breakouts. If you can, wear little to no makeup the week before your wedding to give your skin some time to calm down and clear out, ensuring the best skin possible for your wedding day.

On the day of your wedding, you and your party should have freshly washed skin, with no remnants of yesterday's makeup on the skin. I will use skincare on you that works well with the cosmetics I use, so don't wear any moisturizers or sunscreens after washing your face.

Make sure you're wearing sunscreen every day within the week of your wedding to make sure you don't accidentally get a sunburn for any reason right before your big day. This is especially important for your shoulders, back, and decolletage. 

If you wish to spray tan, please only go to a recommended spray tan technician and have a trial tan 6 weeks prior to your wedding. A bad spray tan cause streaking, makeup application delays and is not always fixable (this has happened). 

If you get lash extensions, get a fill 2 or 3 days before your wedding, so they will still be full but your eyes will have time to calm down if you are more prone to sensitivity around the eyes.

Wear a button up shirt or a robe, so you don't mess up your makeup or hair when changing into your dress.

Have your teeth brushed and contacts in prior to sitting in the makeup chair, because doing so after your makeup is done will run the risk of smudging.

Take your allergy medication before getting your makeup done, especially if you are prone to eye watering. Getting your eye makeup done can tickle, causing the eyes to water, and being outside in the sun and allergens can cause watering, so the more prepared you are, the better!

I can't wait to be your makeup artist on your special day!