Bridal trials are very important for both myself and my brides. My goal is to accentuate your already amazing features. I believe that most women (even though they may not think so) already know what looks good on them and what doesn’t. Expect me to ask you a lot of questions so I can narrow down exactly the look you want. Many times my bride will show me pictures from Pinterest or online of a look that they like (which is very helpful), however, I may have to modify the look a little bit to fit your features. For example, not everyone likes to use black eyeliner. So I always ask if they prefer black or dark brown eyeliner. Another example, not everyone likes color on their lower lid so that is another thing I always ask. It’s very important for me to ask you a lot of questions to find out how you typically do your makeup. Its also very important that you communicate to me what is most important to you and not to be afraid to speak up and tell me what you are thinking. After all this is for one of the most important days of your life. This way when you look in the mirror after your bridal trial you don’t feel like you look like someone completely different. You will look like you with a little extra glam!